I'm a software entrepreneur with a deep interest in emerging technologies and their societal impact. I’m fundamentally driven to create products and services that advance humankind.

I thrive by taking technical interest in multiple industries with two core themes; driving sustainability via digital manufacturing and accelerating financial inclusion via future-proof investment strategies. Both of these are unpinned by sophisticated software, which is radically changing how we live our lives.

Voluntas facit viam

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Additive Flow

We build industry-leading additive manufacturing optimisation software

We’re building a software platform that is transforming the way components are designed and manufactured through advanced computational methods. We work at the intersection of computer science, numerical modelling, data science & material science.

One of our core technological contributions is Voxel Engineering, which refers to spatially varying the material properties throughout the component for maximum performance and manufacturability. I’m proud to have worked with some global engineering leaders such as Zeiss and DSM to deliver outstanding results such as 60% manufacturing speed increase and 2,000x faster computation using AI.

Unsigned Research

We build sophisticated investment strategies with a laser-focus in digital assets

Our goal is simple: to provide sustained and superior returns, irrespective of the overall market direction, via systematic strategies. The digital asset space is a fast-growth industry with many lucrative trading opportunities for systematic systems.

We are committing 5% of all trading profits to charitable causes, with a focus on education in emerging countries.

Your company…

I’m open to hearing from early-stage founders, who have a big vision.